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Be part of a new national fundraising campaign to prevent kids and adults from dying in grain. The frequency of grain entrapments is growing nationally. CASA is doing something about it. CASA has developed a Grain Safety Program. The heart of this program includes building a mobile demonstration unit which functions as both a grain entrapment demonstration unit and a rescue training unit.

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The mobile unit serves three purposes:

  • Rescue Training. The unit is used to train first responders in grain extrication procedures.
  • General Prevention Education. The unit is used as a learning tool to sensitize public audiences about the dangers of grain entrapment, and the importance of lock-out/tag out procedures.
  • On-site Training. The unit is used to provide in-depth prevention and emergency plan training to workplaces.

Grain entrapments occur when:

  • An individual is present on the surface grain, which is being drawn out from beneath the individual;
  • An individual attempts to walk across the surface of grain where a void exists beneath the surface; and
  • An individual is in a grain storage facility where grain has solidified onto the walls of the bin and then the wall of grain collapses onto the individual.

In 2015 alone, seven people died in Canada after being entrapped in grain. Four were children.

“This program is about saving lives. The mobile unit will be used to raise awareness about the hazards of moving grain. It will also be available for training first responders in rescue techniques and by larger farms to develop customized emergency procedures.” – Marcel Hacault, Executive Director of CASA

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CASA is thrilled to announce that thanks to generous donors, we have exceeded our phase one fundraising goal of $400,000 to bring the Grain Safety Program to the Prairie Provinces. This funding enables CASA to develop and run the Grain Safety Program over a three-year period across the Prairie Provinces. This includes building and operating the mobile demonstration unit and a trade show display and three youth table top displays. It also includes program development and administration as well as launching an interactive grain safety educational website.